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And lowest % ever fixed rate 30yr available for all buyers.

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When you get into homeownership it is for the long term
You get to live in your investment -  and you're poised to come out well ahead

Your First Home

You know you've arrived when you come home to your very own home.

Nothing beats the feeling of walking through the door of the home you own

 As it has always been - . . .
housing is our bedrock investment.
It will continue to generate a nest egg for us long after we’ve turned off the television and forgotten what was said in the sensation-seeking story of the moment."

* text from Lawrence Yun, chief economist and senior vice president of research for the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

Rent   vs   own    

Spent   vs   invested

You are Paying for it - Why Not Own It?

example:  available 3 bedroom townhome

       Sales Price of  $129,900
Monthly payment = $1281 month total
Using 4.25% Fixed Rate (rates are lower right now but if you drag your feet these will be the numbers)
with maximum Seller Assist and 
3½%  out of pocket  = $4550

Cash for purchasing is partial offset by advantage of payments in arrears (mtg) vs pmts in advance (rent)
When you purchase you do not make a mortgage payment that month or at the first of the next month.
When you rent you need to pay the rent in advance and put up 1½ more as security deposit.

Haven't saved for homeownership?
If you've been reasonable with your credit (you do not have to be perfect)
With a special program through the State we will get you into the home of your
dreams for LESS than the above example in exchange for a slightly higher monthly pmt.

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